Thursday, March 28, 2013

favorite thing of the week

My parents are visiting us from St. Louis this week and next, and since they arrived it seems like we've been running all over town nonstop.  I haven't had a lot of time to write, much less focus on a favorite thing of the week, but really, it doesn't matter.  THIS is my favorite thing of the week:  being with family, seeing friends, enjoying Los Angeles, and most of all, watching my little girls twirl and laugh amid the landmarks of their city.  Case in point:  Evie at the Getty Center yesterday.  My heart could burst over these photos.  She twirled until she fell over giggling, then twirled some more, and more and more.  She made her sister join her, and they both twirled until they both fell over in a sea of happy.  This is my favorite thing of the week.

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pollydove said...

Seriously, these pictures make me want to drive down to LA with my little granddaughter SPECIFICALLY to get pics of her dancing and twirling in the same spot!!! LOVE these. So stinkin' sweet!