Monday, March 4, 2013


Thank you, you guys, for being patient with me while I took a few days off from blogging and facebooking.  The break did me a lot of good, and to be honest, my plan is to continue to cut back on my facebook time.  Being mostly away from it last week left a little quiet spot in my life which has been desperately needed.  I plan to cultivate that quiet, let it grow, see if it blooms.

I think I might have said something about this before, but I was just getting overwhelmed by too many things - expanding my shop, developing this blog, branding the blog's facebook page, keeping up with writing and editing photos.  I couldn't possibly do everything in a day, and every day before I knew it I would look up from a rabbit hole of Photoshop techniques to sidestep facebook's automatic image downgrades, or local short-run printers, or unhelpful app FAQ's, and suddenly it would be time to pick up the girls from school and I hadn't paid bills or done the laundry or gotten groceries or whatever.  So, as you can see, I just needed to cry uncle last week and sit it out for a few days.  My plan was to use that time to catch up on all the housework, but as it turns out, I really did mostly just sit it out.  And you know what?  We're still here.  The house is still here.  I took a nap, I gardened, I spent some time with friends, my family spent some time being - oh yeah - a family.  I got groceries and Jimmy helped with the laundry, but most of what was stressing me out just got blown off, and it's. all. o. k.

The best part?  Because I took a step back and took some time to visit with friends, I was able to find friendly one-on-one coffee-assisted help in a lot of the areas I've been looking for help online.  One friend gave me great feedback for my new shop project, another friend has short-run printing advice, and now I've got a personal resource for some of the graphics problems I was having, too.  I do still feel a little bit very much under water.  But I also feel more relaxed, and greatly encouraged.  I do want more time in the day (newsflash), and I wish I had all these things up and running, like, yesterday, and it makes me crazy that it's so hard to build a business while keeping a tiny house in order (I can honestly see four cheerios stuck to the carpet from where I am sitting right this second.  Nope, five.), but I am trying to be patient, instead.  Patient with the hours in the day, patient with all my learning curves, patient with my family, patient with the laundry, patient with progress, but really, mostly, patient with me.

Keep running.  Keep breathing.  Push forward.  Be patient.

When we were choosing baby names, particularly for Eve, I found myself in love with the name Patience.  Such a pretty, unusual, old-fashioned name, quiet and restive, a name that feels so nice in your mouth, like a kiss and a whisper put together.  Luckily, I knew better, especially after being given the best baby name advice ever, which is to stand in a busy playground and yell the name you're thinking of using and see how you feel yelling that name, you know, out loud.  At which point I realized, oh, yeah, yelling.  I'm going to be yelling for this child, this child who will be a toddler one day, a toddler who can't put on her own shoes but must DOOWIT MAH SEFF!  A toddler who shoves multiple tissues up her nose and licks Target shopping carts with her entire mouth and climbs bookshelves in order to reach ceramic keepsakes, who squishes peas into the carpet with her toes because it feels funny and squirts toothpaste onto the bathroom CEILING.  So, yeah.  No babies named Patience for us.  But YOU should totally name YOUR baby Patience, and I will love her forever, I promise.  Because it's a beautiful name for a sleeping baby and for a full grown adult who always uses her turn signal.  And you have to know how much I love turn signals.

Eight cheerios.  Time to sign off.  Thank you, again, and happy Monday, friends.

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