Saturday, April 27, 2013

Happy birthday, little Cole

Today is my nephew Cole's second birthday.  He would have been two, and I can't help but imagine him chubby and happy, chasing butterflies in the yard, throwing tantrums over juice and naptimes, leaving a trail of two-year-old chaos wherever he goes, his tired but happy parents chasing after him.

We miss him.  That hasn't changed.  It never will.  But we appreciate the chance to have met him in the first place, and feel lucky to think that we might meet him again.

In honor of Cole, all profits from today's sales at Orphans Treasure Box will go toward the Cole's Gift adoption grant.  You can find out more about Cole's Gift here, and can contribute through the "shop" link on that page.

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Better yet, read his mama's blog.

Happy birthday, little Cole!

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