Tuesday, April 16, 2013


In tandem with yesterday's post I thought I'd share some more of Evie's third birthday with you.  It was all rainbows and My Little Pony and two happy happy over-excited sugared-up little girly sisters.  Why can't we bottle up this joy?  Bottle it and keep it for the hard days, for the days when childhood seems to dissipate in the face of Real Life?  It should be possible, and if it was, I would seal the stopper, wrap the bottle in this morning's funny papers, pack it in a shoebox, tie a pink ribbon around it all and send it off to you.

I hope she remembers this birthday when she grows up.  It was a good one.  Have many more of them, my girls, have many many more.

(my 40-week pregnancy photo, with 1-week-old Evie.)



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pollydove said...

I'll take two bottles if you figure that one out, and wrap it up just like you described please. She (they) are sooooo stinking adorable! Looks like Evie was in heaven.