Friday, May 24, 2013

Lena & Eve's bedroom featured on Apartment Therapy!

Yay!  You guys, I am so pleased to tell you that the girls' bedroom is featured on Apartment Therapy today.  Pretty cool, right?  I know!  Super cool!

Squeezing two kids into that tiny, long-shaped room has not been easy, but I know plenty of other people have even smaller spaces, and they make it work.  Luckily, our girls don't really know any different, yet.  And I think sharing that space is encouraging them to really form a tight-knit sisterly bond.  At least, that seems to be the case right now.  If they're still in that room in ten years, I'm afraid I'll be saying the opposite!

But, for now, it works.  It works very well.  In fact, I never could have predicted this, but since we got those bunk beds the girls beg us every night to have a sleepover together in the bottom bunk.  At first this seemed to be because we would occasionally drape blankets from the top bunk to form a tent around the bottom bunk, and they loved to drag flashlights and anything glow-in-the-dark in there.  But now they want to "sleepover" every night, regardless of the tent.  It's adorable.  And it totally wrecks their sleeping schedule.  But we let them do it every weekend night, and the whole family is pretty happy about that.

Thanks for the feature, Apartment Therapy!  We appreciate it so much!


kittymclewin said...

Wow so thrilled....I am an ApartmentTherapy addict!

melanie said...

thanks!! <3