Tuesday, August 27, 2013


So, that was summer.  Where did it go?  It already feels like a dream I have to work hard to remember.  Two days back to school, back to schedule, and I'm struggling to recall what happened in July.  Small fragments of sunshine, of beach, of salt air hair blowing across my face; rinsing sand out of the girls' wetsuits, their faces constantly smeared with ice cream, popsicles, cotton candy, chocolate milk.  We spent three weeks this month in the Midwest with my parents, and I still remember that: the luxury of sleeping late in the morning and the smell of bug repellant in the evening, the days in between packed with comfort food and family time.  We visited the zoo, went peach picking, rode a miniature steam train, saw a ball game, and we swam.  I hope, I hope, I hope the girls remember these days.  I hope they remember them forever.

I guess I needed a break from writing.  Not sure why.  A January baby, I always seem to hibernate in summers, in a way.  But I am ready to be back.  Hi there.  What did I miss?

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Anonymous said...

nice to have you back. I've missed you. signed, your neighbor. :)