Thursday, September 5, 2013

Shop news & SALE on custom home drawings

Hello, everyone!  Caught up from that fabulous three day weekend, are ya?  All settled back into school?  Back to work?  Wondering when this heat will go away so you can justify a pumpkin spice latte and new boots?  ME TOO.  And I have the perfect thing to cool you off:  a winter holiday sale!

Okay, so sales-speak isn't really my thing.  But I can make a lovely drawing of a treasured home for you, or your mom, or your grandfather.  These drawings make wonderful heirloom gifts, but they do require a little lead-time, so I am letting you in on a deal if you order between now and November 1st.

I have said this before, but it bears repeating:  I absolutely love working on these drawings.  Home has always been important to me, and I understand personally how one house can, in some ways, encapsulate everything in our world.  Drawing a home I know is loved and dear to someone is a responsibility I take seriously, and as I work I hope that the finished piece will evoke those emotions and memories in the recipient.  It really is a privilege to be able to work on these drawings for you.

So.  Order now with coupon EARLYBIRD2013 and you will receive 25% off your purchase of a custom home drawing, now through November 1, 2013.  Custom orders have already been placed, so reserve your spot now!  Yes, really.  For realz.  HONEST.  I am already filling holiday orders.  I know!

Oh, and the other shop news, which perhaps I should have mentioned earlier, is that my shop is now happily titled Lena + Eve.  A post on Lena + Eve and the new children's drawings available there is forthcoming.  But these home drawing slots do fill up, and I want you to have a chance at getting in now while, oh, you know, while the gettin's good.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to message me and ask.  I can't wait to work on a drawing for you!